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We understand one of the main barriers to exercise for new mams is childcare.

We can now offer some great options to either access the gym facility, enjoy a group class and socialise with other mams whilst getting fit.

For all options, spaces are limited so booking is essential!

Mams & Prams Gym Session

This Mams & Prams Gym session is open to mams with babies up to 12months old and will currently be offered on a trial basis of a Tuesday & Wednesday 13.00-14.00.

The initial trial will run from Tuesday 23 April up to and including Wednesday 22 May. During this trial period the Mams & Prams Gym sessions shall be free of charge, but as stated advance booking is required ONLINE HERE. (Prices for our regular gym sessions, a single session is £4.50 and memberships start from £20.00pm)


  • The gym facility is open to the public
  • Access to exits and other equipment must not be blocked
  • A maximum of 4 prams allowed per session
  • Prams must be placed close to parent at all times
  • Babies must remain strapped in to pram at all times
  • Bags / coats etc must be stored away safely
  • Should your baby require attention / feeding etc you must exit and use the room next to the gym

BabyFit Group Class

Our Baby Fit group class is held in the activity hall every Thursday 13.30-14.15 during term time.

This class is suitable for mother and baby (from 6 weeks postpartum-18months). As with our regular classes, a single class is £4.00 and a ten class discount card is £32.00. To book the BabyFit Class, please CLICK HERE


  • The class is exclusively for mother and baby only
  • Babies may be left in prams, carried or placed on our child’s mat area
  • Parents may comfort / nurse child in room or use baby changing facility
  • Older siblings are not permitted

Family Gym Session

Every Saturday, we offer mams (or dads) the opportunity to use the gym facility with their older siblings. From 10am up to 1230pm, children aged from 8 to 13 years of age can enjoy gym access with an adult.

No booking required, but adults must register / sign in on arrival. A family ticket is £6.00 for one adult and up to two children aged 8-13. If the adult has a gym membership then each child shall be charged £2.00.


  • The gym facility is open to the public
  • Children must be supervised by the adult at all times
  • Under 8s are not allowed to attend
  • Children aged 14 or over will be charged normal rates of £4.00per session
  • Gym etiquette and behaviour must be followed at all times
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