Special Direct Debit Offer

This offer has now expired

Sign up to a Direct Debit membership online and get 50% OFF the initial first month payment.

All memberships paid via direct debit will require you to make your initial payment to cover your first month at full price, you will then pay a discounted rate on all renewals from month two.

This ‘Special Offer’ allows you to apply a promo code at the point of purchase and this will reduce your initial payment by 50% – please note this does not affect your renewal payments and those rates shall remain as scheduled.


  • All direct debit memberships shall commence from the date of purchase
  • You agree to make a minimum two payments
  • The 50% discount applies to your initial payment only
  • You must enter and verify the Promo Code on the first page HERE
  • Check the code has been accepted before you click ‘Next’
  • Step two page shall also show your initial payment reduction
  • If the discount has not been applied do not proceed and retry

Promo Code = JAN2024

The promo code is only valid for use until 31 January 2024 and applies to new mandates processed during the offer period that have successfully verified the promo code JAN2024

Initial Payment Rates

Important Your membership is valid for a minimum period of two months, this means after your initial payment you must also ensure you make at least ONE direct debit payment. If you cancel your membership and stop your first renewal payment you will be in default and the initial discount shall be reclaimed and will be added back to your outstanding balance.

Standard Gym £20.00 – promo offer = £10.00 (renewals from Month 2 are £18.00pm)

GymPLUS £31.00 – promo offer = £15.50 (renewals from Month 2 are £28.00pm)

PT Warrior £45.00 – promo offer = £22.50 (renewals from month 2 are £40.00pm)

Important: To obtain the 50% initial payment discount, it is your responsibility to enter and verify the promo code correctly on the first page before selecting your membership. If you fail to use the promo code correctly as stated above we will not roll back any new membership or offer any refund once you have completed the sign up process, nor shall you be entitled to a refund or cancellation.